Over 30 years of innovation in animal transportation

Intradco Global is the world’s leading equine, livestock and exotics transportation air charter specialist. Our experience with a wide range of large-scale animal transportations, including international horse shipments, has developed over 30 years of professional care and commitment to providing the safest air charter logistics for animals of all shapes and sizes.

Intradco Global is the world’s leading equine, livestock and exotics transportation air charter specialist. Our experience with a wide range of large-scale animal transportations, including international horse shipments, has developed over 30 years of professional care and commitment to providing the safest air charter logistics for animals of all shapes and sizes.


The beginning

Intradco Cargo Services was established in the UK in 1987 by Eddie McMullen (pictured far left) and business partner Sam Harris. In the early days, the company handled all types of cargo before specialising in animal transportation.

The name “Intradco” was an abbreviation for International Trading Company. The key aim of the business was to allow for easier international trade by providing the best solutions for air charter or air freight. This was at a time when there was far fewer scheduled freighter services available on the market, so air charters were widely used to reach many global destinations.


First animal assignment

Intradco Global’s first animal assignment was a modest consignment of just six horses from London to Accra. These days, high-profile movements include flights for world-famous Thoroughbreds, show jumping showcases, transportation of livestock, and the movement of exotic animals for zoos and conservation programmes.


Adapting to aircraft development

Intradco Global’s equipment has been compatible with Boeing 747 and 777 freighters, McDonnell Douglas MD-11s, Airbus types, and other widebodied cargo aircraft throughout the years, making it a favourite with many of the world’s leading airlines. Through continued design and innovation, the growing range of stalls and penning provides greater flexibility, with added safety and comfort features for all occupants.


First collapsible stall to the market

Horses typically travel one-way on permanent or semi-permanent imports, which means the stalls will return empty. The market’s first collapsible stall allowed for quick assembly and disassembly. When folded down the stalls are stackable – saving critical space, cost and time, and allowing additional cargo to be transported on the return leg.


An array of wildlife and protected species

Throughout the company’s history, the Intradco Global team has transported an array of wildlife and protected species of all shapes and sizes around the world – from alpacas to rhinos. The team works closely with zoos, global organisations, and game reserves, across many high-profile relocation missions.


Expanding the equine transport sector

At the turn of the millennium, horse racing across the globe rapidly evolved. As a leader in the highly specialised field of bloodstock movement, Eddie McMullen sought to provide key services to those a little closer to home – the UK and Irish flat racing community. This led to leasing an EU registered AN-74, with specialised stalls and loading ramp. This aircraft type is still being used today to carry Group 1 horses.


B747-F stall development

The early 2000s saw Intradco Global further develop stalls for the Boeing 747-F aircraft, including the B747-F drop-top. The drop-top’s key feature is the roof can be lowered in height to allow for economic movement of empty stalls, while still providing the perfect ergonomic design for horse safety and comfort during transportation. This design is still being used today, although less common compared to the more modern fully collapsible stalls.


A300-600 freighter aircraft loading

The A300-600 freighter aircraft proved to be a very popular converted freighter and is regularly used in equine transportation. Intradco Global was the first company in the world to create horse stalls specifically designed for the Airbus. The A300-600 was the first popular wide-body freighter from Airbus and is still used by the industry today, with thousands of horses being flown on Airbus freighters.


Expert care for decades

Trainers, owners, and breeders have trusted Intradco Global to coordinate expert animal handlers to accompany their precious cargo. Sourcing only the best in the field, from an established global network of professional flying grooms, all of whom are Animal Transport Association (ATA) approved, and all have a minimum of 10 years’ experience flying horses.


Chapman Freeborn Airchartering Ltd. acquires majority shares in Intradco Cargo Services Ltd.

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering completed the acquisition of UK-based Intradco Cargo Services in February 2014, initiating a worldwide growth strategy following the successful integration of the company into its business portfolio.


Charlie McMullen becomes Director

Charlie McMullen becomes Director of Intradco Global to continue the tremendous work carried out by his father, Eddie McMullen. Charlie initially started with Intradco as a stallman, flying groom, and flight project manager. This hands-on approach meant he developed experience in the field and knowledge of best practices when transporting animals by air. Today, Charlie manages the Intradco Global team with the company continuing to grow from strength to strength.


Leading the way in design and innovation

2016 saw Intradco Global focus on the next innovation of horse stalls, by improving the overall design of the widely used collapsible stall. The unique design offers the highest standards of animal welfare, offering ample space for three horses and a safe area for grooms to tend the animals.

Various prototypes have been built, with in-field testing showing valuable results. The fully IATA/EASA certified final product will be released to the market in early 2020.


Intradco Global equine focus

Strong relationships with market leading horse shipping agents achieved an historic milestone, with over 3000 horses being flown in 2016. This included some high profile movements to new markets, including China and other growing Far East import markets. The world famous Cavalia Tour trusted Intradco for a series of flights before ending their tour in China, and large movements of up to 90 horses from Keeneland sales.


‘Best Charter Logistics Project’ award

In 2017, Intradco Global received recognition for a conservation project which involved the successful transportation of 19 endangered black rhinos. The rhinos were flown from Johannesburg, South Africa to Kigali, Rwanda where they were reintroduced into the wild at Akagera National Park. Charlie McMullen collected the award at the Freighters World Conference.


Eric the rhino

Eric the rhino embarked on a 10,000-mile journey across the globe from San Diego Zoo Safari Park to Tanzania, to find love. Eric was selected to play a starring role in a breeding programme designed to help save the critically endangered species from extinction. Since Eric was released into the larger protection zone, he has been making great progress in his naturalisation to the surrounding environment.


Rescued lions move to a new home

Born into captivity in a travelling circus and kept in cramped conditions, four lions were rescued by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. Intradco Global helped transport the lions to their new home in South Africa. Travelling in the lower deck hold of a Turkish Airways A330 passenger aircraft, the animals flew from Kiev to Istanbul, where they were transferred to a second aircraft for their onward journey to Johannesburg.


Global leaders in animal transportation

The journey forward as the market leader in global animal transport continues, with Intradco Global servicing the world’s most prestigious equine shipping agents and competition organisers, livestock breeders and traders, and conservation projects leaders.

Further development of their most valuable asset – the people within their specialist teams – continues to be key to delivering a quality global service. 2019 and onwards will see further focus to live animal equipment innovation and tailoring the global service scope to all of Intradco Global’s clients.

If you require Equine, Livestock or Animal Transport services Intradco specialists are on hand to ensure a tailored flight solution to meet your needs.

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