Intradco Global successfully delivers three planeloads of breeding pigs to China

The Chinese pig and pork production industry had been slowly recovering from the 2019 African swine fever, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck it caused another blow to the industry. Over the last few months, imports of breeding pigs into China have ramped up helping to aid the recovery of breeding farms. As life is slowly

Intradco Global and Turkish Cargo help rescued lions move to new home

Intradco Global and Turkish Cargo have helped to transport four lions from Ukraine to a game reserve in South Africa on behalf of a non-profit environmental organisation. Born into captivity in a travelling circus and kept in cramped conditions in a small enclosure, twin sisters Charlie and Kai, 4, and their younger sister Luca, 3,

Rhino flown to South East Asia as part of endangered species breeding programme

Intradco Global has helped to transport a greater one-horned rhino from Europe to South East Asia as part of an endangered species-breeding programme. Born in 2008 and now reaching sexual maturity, the 2.5 ton male rhino Bertus was safely relocated from Edinburgh Zoo to a new home at Batu Secret Zoo in Indonesia where it

Intradco Global lands top charter project award at the Freighters World Conference 2017

Endangered Black Rhino

The complex charter project to rehome an endangered species of black rhino has been named “Best Charter Logistics Project”, at the Freighters World Conference awards. The conservation project – which saw the successful transportation of 19 black rhinos – was one of many similar efforts conducted by the team at Intradco Global relating to animal