On the 12th day of Christmas Intradco gave to me… 3,000 pigs

It has been a busy week for Intradco Global, the world’s leading equine, livestock and exotics transportation air charter specialist. The continuous growth of the company’s global operations allowed Intradco Global to transport over 3000 animals around the world in just six days. Even though the holiday season is upon us, Intradco Global has no

Intradco Global transports dairy cattle on Boeing B747-8F charter

Intradco Global has flown 191 dairy cattle from the United States to Thailand as part of a long-standing government-subsidised project. Although this seems like a large and rare shipment, Intradco Global has seen an increase in the demand for livestock export charters over the past two years, with countries around the world aspiring to become

Cattle charters make a strong start in 2018

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Intradco Global’s expertise for cattle movements was in high demand – and this momentum has continued in Q1 2018. Our worldwide offices have seen a rise in charter requests in recent months, with especially strong demand for cattle imports into Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia. One