Intradco Global operates Europe’s largest horse charter

Coordinating Europe’s biggest horse charter from Brussels Airport in March, 2016. With thanks to the capabilities of Brussels Airport Cargo department who built a specialist infrastructure for the unique charter.

Travelling in one of the world’s largest cargo aircraft, a Boeing 747-400F. The transportation of the 86 horses, a mix of warmbloods and Arabian thoroughbreds, took exceptional organisation, flexibility and unrivalled expertise all of which our Intradco Global team were able to deliver.

Horses can be susceptible to stress; noise, light and changes in environment can unsettle them, together with Swissport our Intradco Global team ensured the horse’s safety and well-being throughout the transport. The 86 horses arrived at Brussels Airport where the team had erected 28 purpose-built stables in a Swissport warehouse located close to the aircraft. The stables offered the same calming effect as when travelling by trailer, creating a familiar environment and keeping the distance to travel, environmental change and any additional stress-factors to an absolute minimum.

Charlie McMullen, Business Development Manager for Intradco Global said:

“Brussels Airport was able to offer the customised services we needed, such as additional room to load the horses into specialised “Air Stables” and special access for the horse grooms and other loading assistants. Together with Swissport we were able to ensure that the aircraft was parked as close to the warehouse as possible in order to make the journey to the aircraft as short as possible.”

The horses were checked they were fit to fly upon arrival to the warehouse, where Equestrian experts and carers were on hand to give food and water, and to keep the animals calm with specialist techniques so the horses could travel without any medication. They were then loaded into the Intradco Global Air Stables by a team of professional flying grooms and loaded onto the aircraft ready for departure.

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