Intradco Global transports dairy cattle on Boeing B747-8F charter

Intradco Global has flown 191 dairy cattle from the United States to Thailand as part of a long-standing government-subsidised project.

Although this seems like a large and rare shipment, Intradco Global has seen an increase in the demand for livestock export charters over the past two years, with countries around the world aspiring to become self-sufficient and independent on food production, rather than relying on expensive imports.

With each live animal weighing in at 500kg, this was certainly not a small payload, requiring a Boeing B747-8F aircraft and using Intradco Global’s custom-made steel and aluminium composite stalls.

Tom Lamb, Charter Manager at Intradco Global, said:

“With the animals coming from their quarantine all the way upstate in New York, we decided on using Stewart International Airport (SWF), with the Air Atlantic team assisting us with build and loading – very much requiring all of their willpower and assistance in the frozen conditions through the night. We flew out our stalls prior, and it took us two days to build and set them up, loading the cattle during the evening. The heifers all arrived safely and in good shape in Bangkok – a successful operation all around.”

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See below further photos of the operation:

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