Intradco Global operates successful bi-annual stud charter

Intradco Global manages the bi-annual operation to transport large numbers of horses from Stanstead Airport (STN) to Kuwait (KWI) for stud. The latest flight was a full charter to deliver 71 yearlings.

At Stanstead (STN) the yearlings were waiting in the trucks accompanied by the flying grooms, ready for loading at the Border Inspection Post (BIP). Each of the horses were given a final check before loading, which began promptly at 3.00 AM.

The charter required precise planning and coordination with the airline and owners. The team of professional grooms were on-hand to assist with the swift and smooth loading of the yearlings onto the aircraft. The whole operation took just four hours to complete without any complications, and the flight left on-time and landed around six hours later in Kuwait (KWI).

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