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Intradco Global break their record by flying over 400,000 hatching eggs from Scotland to Turkey

VIDEO: A view into the world of pig air chartering; from the lorry to boarding the aircraft

Intradco Global supports the African poultry market during the pandemic and beyond

Intradco Global prides themselves in responding to the needs of their customers, and last year they focused on providing charter solutions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry saw a drastic reduction in scheduled flights due to border closures and lockdowns, so Intradco Global stepped up to help. Read More

Intradco Global debuts their innovative Pig Lift

Intradco Global transports 1,030 purebred breeding pigs from the UK to China on behalf of genetics company, Genesus

On the 12th day of Christmas Intradco gave to me… 3,000 pigs

It has been a busy week for Intradco Global, the world’s leading equine, livestock and exotics transportation air charter specialist. The continuous growth of the company’s global operations allowed Intradco Global to transport over 3000 animals around the world in just six days. Even though the holiday season is upon… Read More

When pigs can fly…but humans can’t!

Whenever the teams and subsidiaries at Chapman Freeborn receive a charter request, the core focus in finding a solution is its cost-effectiveness – this is because economic viability is the most significant contributing factor to winning or losing an opportunity. However, at Intradco Global, the team has an additional focus… Read More

Intradco Global transports dairy cattle on Boeing B747-8F charter

With each live animal weighing in at 500kg, this was certainly not a small payload, requiring a Boeing B747-8F aircraft and using Intradco Global’s custom-made steel and aluminium composite stalls. Tom Lamb, Charter Manager at Intradco Global, said: With the animals coming from their quarantine all the way… Read More

Cattle charters make a strong start in 2018

One of our key focuses in the last 12 months has been increasing our share of the US dairy cattle export market – with the aim of building on the success we’ve enjoyed in Europe and other key overseas markets. We’re now pleased to be serving the US export… Read More