Women in aviation

Celebrating Women in Aviation: Erica Resendes, Operations Manager at Intradco Global

To celebrate International Women’s Day at Intradco Global we are shining a spotlight on women in aviation and the huge variety of roles available in the industry.

Erica Resendes joined Intradco Global as Operations Manager last year, having already worked in aviation for 14 years prior. Growing up near Toronto Pearson International Airport, her parents used to take her to watch the planes taking off and landing as they sat on the front of the car with their lunch.

After studying English and Anthropology at university Erica initially planned to be a teacher. However, after graduating she was offered a job at the very airport she used to visit as a child with her parents. There she worked as a check in agent before moving to the operations department, load control, to eventually becoming a duty manager. Now working as Operations Manager at Intradco Global, Erica believes “that this industry gets in your blood. Once starting in aviation I knew I never wanted to leave. I think it is extremely rare to find a career that you are happy in even when times are tough. I feel very fortunate to have found that in aviation.”

Erica’s role entails operationally managing complex air charter, freight and project movements of live animals. She is the first point of contact for clients to discuss, design and executive the operation plan for their projects, and this involves generating appropriate documentation, organising necessary equipment and communicating with all relevant parties about the workings of the flight.

When asked about her favourite part of her job, Erica said,

“Flight day, when you get to see all the hard work pay off, and when everyone works as a team and every little part comes together for a successful operation. Also, the animals! Because who doesn’t like working with animals?”

Erica believes that greater awareness about the different roles available in the aviation industry is a key component to addressing gender disparity.

“There are a lot of different careers in the industry that the general public do not even know exist. For example, when I was working in load control everyone that I explained my job to was surprised as they didn’t know a job like it existed.”

Erica thinks that this awareness will help to combat the idea that there are still stereotypically traditional gender roles in the industry.

Her message to girls and women considering a career in aviation is to have self-confidence;

“Don’t be intimidated by being a minority in the aviation industry. As women we are strong, passionate and a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to potential, the sky is the limit.”

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