On the 12th day of Christmas Intradco gave to me… 3,000 pigs

It has been a busy week for Intradco Global, the world’s leading equine, livestock and exotics transportation air charter specialist. The continuous growth of the company’s global operations allowed Intradco Global to transport over 3000 animals around the world in just six days.

Even though the holiday season is upon us, Intradco Global has no time to rest.

In less than a week the Intradco Global team transported live animals from the United Kingdom to China, from the United States of America to Qatar and China and from Denmark to Russia – a truly global operation. The team ensured safe and timely transportation with a total of 3146 pigs and 199 cattle on five separate charter flights for different clients over six days.

Livestock transportation poses a set of unique challenges as the cargo requires exceptional care, safety and attention. With over 30 years of experience, the Intradco Global team has the knowledge and means to ensure the best conditions for live animal transportation.

“As we grow our global footprint, the focus is on developing our expert teams in key import and export markets. It is exciting to see really collaborative relationships with airlines and shippers in new markets. Live animal shipments require close and accurate communication between all stakeholders involved. Our experienced teams have got the right mix of local and global knowledge, allowing for competitive pricing, with a precise service,” commented Charlie McMullen, Intradco Global Director.

The company is constantly expanding its global coverage and is currently rapidly growing in Canada, Europe and Middle East.

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