White tailed deer flown from USA to Russia

In July 2014, we assisted in arranging the movement of 247 white tailed deer from USA to Russia on a Boeing B767F. Alongside this, we arranged transportation of   18 PAJ positions for bespoke custom built crates on a Boeing B767-200F.

This was the first ever movement of deer from USA to Russia, so health protocols between the two countries needed to be established. The timing of the flight had to be arranged around the local authorities’ protocols and 48 hours before the flight, documents were still being stamped and translated from English to Russian.

The operation was seamless thanks to our in-depth planning with the local shipper, in particular with regard to the design of the crates which included bespoke stalls to fit the fuselage of the B767-200F.

Each stall had a removable roof that was designed to keep the deer in darkness during loading in daylight, which could also be removed once loaded onto the aircraft to increase the amount the ventilation during the flight.

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